Yandex Data Factory Signs Collaboration Agreement with Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft and Yandex Data Factory have agreed to start collaboration in developing big data analytics, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to drilling and completion, as well as using these technologies to optimise other production processes.
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The Data Science of Steel, or Data Factory to Help Steel Factory

Steel production is an area that has been studied for decades, and as such the industry has remained very conservative. Fortunately, things change, and here’s an example of how data analytics technologies, born within the internet industry, can be applied to an offline practice like turning pig iron into steel.
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Four Common Mistakes in Machine Learning Projects

It is essential for businesses to learn what not to do in order to focus their efforts on solving real issues and build solutions capable of delivering ROI. Drawing on our own examples, as well as others that we have come across, we are able to highlight the costly mistakes that could have otherwise been avoided.
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How to Succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2017

Many associate the fourth industrial revolution with further expenditure - instalment of new sensors to collect data, investment in data storage or perhaps in 3D printing equipment – rather than cost savings. Fortunately, the reality doesn’t always need not be this expensive.
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How to Use Data Scientists and Machine Learning in the Enterprise

“The major problem is that data science is science itself, and businesses aren't very well accustomed to using scientific methods of decision making,” says Jane Zavalishina, CEO of Yandex Data Factory.
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