The Five Stages of Machine Learning Implementation

Imagine your company was planning to transition into Industry 4.0. Now imagine that it’s your job to implement the big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies needed, into the business environment. You’re going to need to know: where to begin, what kind of problems to expect, and how the specific related projects and services differ from what you are used to.
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The Bank of Russia uses a service developed by Yandex Data Factory to identify possibly illicit loan providers online

The Central Bank of Russia uses machine learning to identify illicit loan providers with the help of Yandex Data Factory.
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Three Barriers to Machine Learning Adoption

Machine learning has come to play an important role for businesses looking to transform the way they work. But for those venturing into machine learning projects, several challenges come to present themselves on their road to digital transformation.
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Yandex Data Factory forecast demand for discounted products in retail chain Pyatyorochka

Yandex Data Factory has developed a demand forecasting service for products on retail sales promotions. The service has passed pilot testing at one of Russia’s leading grocery chains, Pyatyorochka.
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Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works to save over $4 million annually with data analytics

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Russia’s third largest steel works, is to save more than $4 million in steelmaking costs by using a bespoke machine learning and big data analytics service from Yandex Data Factory.
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