Yandex Data Factory Forecasts Demand for Products on Retail Sales Promotions

Yandex Data Factory’s demand forecasting service for products on retail sales promotions has passed pilot testing at one of Russia’s leading grocery chains, Pyatyorochka.

Pyatyorochka belongs to the X5 Retail Group and is one of Russia’s leading “next door” grocery stores, with over 7,100 locations. In order to attract new customers and maintain their already impressive demand and revenue figures, Pyatyorochka runs sales events continuously. Yandex Data Factory’s service helps retailers like Pyatyorochka meet their goals by using machine learning technology to forecast demand for discounted products.

Yandex Data Factory’s model forecasted the exact number of wholesale packages needed 61% of the time and was correct within one package 87% of the time.

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