Yandex Data Factory are the machine learning and data analytics experts that use data science to improve operations, revenues and profitability of their client companies.

Building upon the real-time personalisation and predictive analytics technologies of our parent company, Yandex, we help our clients improve their business and deliver measurable results through the use of their own data.

Yandex, one of the largest IT-companies in Europe, has been developing machine learning and big data processing technologies for its search engine and other internet services since, virtually, its inception in 1997. To date, a range of Yandex technologies includes image recognition, deep neural networks, natural voice processing, geospatial technologies, among others. Yandex, an associate member of CERN openlab since 2013, collaborates with the European Organization for Nuclear Research on a number of projects that benefit from application of data science methods to data analysis in particle physics.

The goal of Yandex Data Factory is to make a unique set of Yandex’s technologies, as well as the company’s extensive expertise in applied machine learning, available to businesses generating large volumes of data. We offer scalable, machine-learning based SaaS solutions that can be applied across a wide variety of industries, from online and retail to healthcare and manufacturing, and help businesses utilise accumulated masses of data to their advantage. Read more about our solutions here.

Yandex Data Factory, founded in 2014, operates throughout Europe and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Learn more about Yandex, one of the largest internet companies in Europe, operating Russia’s most popular search engine and its most visited website.