Banking & Finance

Banks and financial companies have always collected large amounts of data, primarily on customers, deposits, investments, loans, transactions, financial market data, and recently, logs of website clicks and app usage. While some data is highly regulated, it’s still possible to tap into a wide range of analytical-use cases for marketing, risk management, and operations.

We use machine learning and data science to help our clients pinpoint customers who may churn in the nearest future, personalise product and service recommendations, or automatically analyse sentiment in customer reviews.

Machine Learning Solutions for Banking & Finance

Omni-Channel Recommender System

Suggest the best product via the right channel

Content Personalisation

Show users what they want to see

Churn Prediction & Prevention

Find and retain customers who are about to leave

Sentiment Analysis

Automatically monitor customer attitudes and emotions

Image Classification & Visual Search

Automate routine tasks with computer vision

Custom Search

Create your own search engine

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