The manufacturing industry has long adhered to strict process documentation, procedural compliance, and detailed reporting. With today’s digitalisation, manufacturers can now supplement production and technical logs with granular information from telemetry, sensors, and all types of machine-generated data.

We apply machine learning and data science techniques to a wide variety of applications to help our clients turn data into a beneficial tool for optimising both profitability and productivity. In particular, we help metallurgy companies predict production outcomes to keep the use of ferroalloys to a minimum, while making sure that the resulting chemical composition complies with all requirements.

Machine Learning Solutions for Manufacturing

Optimisation of Ferroalloy Use

Get high-quality steel at a lower cost. Reducing alloy usage by just 1% can save $500K+ yearly.

Remote Monitoring

Perform intelligent monitoring without human involvement

Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment faults in advance

Custom Search

Create your own search engine

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