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Fluctuating metal prices and the constant pressure to cut costs in order to remain competitive spur the metal industry’s unrelenting search for new areas of potential optimisation. At the same time, with high fixed costs and under-performing assets, metallurgy companies are reluctant to make the capital expenditures that are traditionally responsible for such improvements. AI-based optimisation balances these needs, producing results with a fast return on investment.

Given that their work is based on long-established processes and involves a lot of complex and expensive equipment, metallurgy companies are perfectly positioned to benefit from new technologies. From optimisation of ferroalloy use or blast furnace performance to ensuring reliable product quality, machine-learning based products improve operations throughout the entire production process.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Metals

Optimisation of Ferroalloy Use

Get high-quality steel at a lower cost

Slab Quality Prediction

Optimal production routes for best outcomes

Blast Furnace Optimisation

AI manages the “black box”

Other Applications

Operational improvements along the value chain