Retailers have a valuable, though often untapped, advantage when it comes to the extensive volume of information they collect on customers, transactions, and inventory. Be it receipts, data from previous marketing communications, customer profiles, website and app analytics, or supply chain information, they all play a vital role in driving next-action implementation.

For both online and brick-and-mortar retail, we bring all our expertise in machine learning and data science to help our clients achieve concrete business goals with the data they already own. Our focus solutions help retailers improve their margins through personalised product recommendations, and optimise supply based on precise demand prediction for promotional sales.

Machine Learning Solutions for Retail

Promotion Forecasting

Know exactly how many items will sell. Our solution made predictions at a leading retail chain that were accurate within one package 87% of the time.

Omni-Channel Recommender System

Suggest the best product via the right channel

Content Personalisation

Show users what they want to see

Sentiment Analysis

Automatically monitor customer attitudes and emotions

Image Classification & Visual Search

Automate routine tasks with computer vision

Custom Search

Create your own search engine

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