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From customer profiles to network performance, excessive amounts of structured and unstructured data challenge telecommunication operators to couple it with their business goals. To remain competitive in the market, operators need the resources and ability to effectively utilise their data to improve revenue streams and optimise costs.

Building upon the real-time personalisation and predictive analytics technologies of our parent company, Yandex, we specialise in helping telecommunication companies leverage their data with machine learning solutions. Focusing on telecommunications top priority, churn prediction, our world-class data scientists build custom services to reduce churn, as well as offer tailored marketing campaigns.

Machine Learning Solutions for Telecommunications

Churn Reduction

Predict and prevent customer churn. Our proven solutions predict customer churn up to 20% better than existing solutions.

Marketing ROI

Marketing personalisation to improve the impact of your marketing spend. YDF increased the NPV of one client’s marketing campaigns by over 13%.

Customer Experience Measurement

Eliminate guesswork by using an innovative approach to accurately track customer experience for your entire subscriber base.

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