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Custom Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning and artificial intelligence promise to change the future of business in every industry. Companies seek the benefits of big data analytics but lack the expertise. With your domain knowledge and our data science, we make it happen.

  • From predicting potential employee resignation to real-time logistics optimisation, we jointly define the best pilot project to create the strongest impact on your business;

  • We develop machine learning solutions tailored for your specific goals, be it revenue improvement, optimisation of operations, or development of new products;

  • Within 3-6 months we help you achieve measurable business results working with your existing data and environment.

Explore examples of our recommended solutions and client cases below, or reach out to discuss experimental projects.

Recommended use cases

Omni-Channel Recommender System

Suggest the best product via the right channel

Demand & Load Prediction

Know what your customers will be buying

Churn Prediction & Prevention

Find and retain customers who are about to leave

Sentiment Analysis

Automatically monitor customer attitudes and emotions

Dynamic Routing

Optimise your logistics in real-time

Advanced HR Analytics

Predict and prevent employee turnover

Custom Search

Create your own search engine

Image Classification & Visual Search

Automate routine tasks with computer vision

Photo & Video Stream Analytics

Extract relevant data from photo and video streams

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Stop fraud before it happens

Manufacturing Costs Optimisation

Maintain the quality at a lower cost

Client case studies


Yandex Data Factory Helps Identify Possibly Illicit Loan Providers Online

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Large Hadron Collider Reaches New Level of Cost-Effectiveness With YDF’s Big Data Storage Solution

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Federal Road Agency Boosts Patrol Effectiveness and Cuts Costs With YDF’s Big Data Solution

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World of Tanks Achieves a New Level of Churn Prevention through the Implementation of YDF’s Data Analysis

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Yandex Data Factory Proves Its Leadership in Building Recommender Systems for Retail

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YDF’s Big Data Solution Predicts Potential Employee Resignations

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AstraZeneca Creates an Antibiotic Resistance Database With YDF’s Custom Search Technology

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YDF’s Recommender System to Decrease Steelmaking Costs at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works

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